Early May Inspection

May 4th inspection.

Starting to see some good coverage or both larvae and capped brood on the frames that had built out wax when the hive was initially assembled.  So far, there does not seem to be much interest in building wax on the foundation frames.  I’m starting to think that these may be lazy bees, but it has been cold and wet most of this Spring.

They could care less about the green ‘drone’ frame.  So far, they have only really built wax on one of the foundation frames.  This was one of my ‘split’ frames.  They do appear to have built drone comb on the open area and have built out worker cells in the area with foundation.


Reversed the boxes.  Sprayed the foundation frames that have not been touched with syrup/HBH to see if that would get the bee’s attention.

First sting (on finger) lifting a frame out of a box.

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