Notes from George W. Imirie Jr.


This portion of the web site is focused on extracting some of the thoughts and opinions that George had organized by topic. Trying to find some of these topics by browsing through the different monthly publications was not a simple task. Organizing them this way should make getting to the information easier. Time allowing, I will create blocks of George’s suggestions organized by the pertinent month.

Ideally, this should provide a quick way of reading George’s guidance that is relevant, by month, of what a beekeeper should be doing and paying attention to in Central Maryland.

Imirie on:
Turning Foundation into Comb
Foundation vs. Drawn Comb
Generalities About Honeybees

Bee Behavior  
Bee Stings 
Feeding Methods and Safeguards 
Foundation Is Not Drawn Comb 
Imirie Requeening Method 
Inspect Your Bees When There Is Snow
Keeping your bees Alive 
Lousy Queens!  
Queen Introduction Problems 
Ready Or Not It’s Swarm Season 
Testing For Varroa Mites
The Best Bee 
Upper Entrances 
Drawing Foundation and Proper Supering 

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