Hot Wax?

So I’m settling in on the idea that one of my first priorities in getting beehives working is to have a good inventory of frames that have had the wax combs built out by the bees.  Bees only create the wax comb when there is an active nectar flow on and they need some place to store the nectar that they are collecting.

The nectar flow here in Maryland is in April and May, and there is pretty much no real nectar to collect for the rest of the summer.  The problem that I’m trying to think my way through now is that bees can only make wax when the temperature inside the area clustered by the bees in the hive is over 90 degrees Fahrenheit.  April and May are usually very pleasant months here which does not include hot summer like days.

It looks like I may want to find some way of insulating the hives for the first few months.  I’m thinking that they will need to be covered by some Styrofoam insulation in April and May. 

So much for Cindy’s whimsical decoration.  At least they will look cool in June!

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