Spring at Last (???)

So my first NUC colony is planned for an April 1st delivery.  March has been a rather un-cooperative month for beekeeping in Maryland.  We have had four nor’easters in as many weeks.  Lots of below average temperatures.  To top it all off, the last storm dropped about eight inches of snow and is keeping the ground level air at near freezing temps.  Gurrr (or is it Burrr).

I’m thinking that the delivery date is going to have to slip a bit. 

I did get enough time in the garage to put together a five frame NUC box.  I’m being a bit optimistic that my first coloy will be doing well enough in June that I might be able to do a small split.  Nothing wrong with hope.

I think I’m ready.  We will see what I have over looked as Spring starts up.

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